Facebook Updates Meme ‘Whale’ App with New Features

Facebook announced a new update to its whale meme maker app, which was one of the first experimental apps launched by the Facebook NPE (or (New Product Experimentation)) team late last year.

As NPE explained:

2020 has been a tough year, and we’ve heard from a lot of people using Whale that funny memes brought them much needed smiles. In this new installment, Whale aims to make you even more humorous. Today we are adding closed meme groups, GIF meme support, and new popular meme templates. We’re also working with some of your favorite meme creators to expand the Whale creation possibilities.

As you can see in the screenshots above, there are new simplified creation tools, groups, updated discovery features, and more. The new features build on Whale’s first major update, released in April this year.@ the best gateway for your online payments.

Whale said its early testers said the app’s creative tools were “the simplest they’ve used, including our GIF memes, a library of the best templates.” This could be a hallmark of the app, and with Facebook’s acquisition of GIPHY, the Whale team now also has access to a number of top meme creators, allowing them to leverage their popularity to go beyond just creating new tools. but also to grab the attention of their buy Facebook page likes and followers.

And while Facebook hasn’t provided any further information on how Whale is used, this is the first Facebook NPE to have any major updates, which probably suggests it is actually generating interest.

Groups can also be an interesting element – in November last year, tech columnist Josh Constantin noted the apparent lack of dedicated social media for sharing memes, which could be a gap in the market.

Whale is not entirely true, but the meme groups associated with the Whale meme creation tools could be another step in this direction, which could lead to them gaining support, again thanks to the introduction of ideas from popular creators.

It will be interesting to see if Whale is really gaining traction. Until now, it seemed like the NPE Facebook team wasn’t really focused on building the next big project, but more just throwing ideas away to see what happened next. Whale seems to have the most potential out of the ten or so apps NPE has released so far, and while it may not be the next TikTok, the growing popularity of Reddit, which for most users is mostly the source of the latest memes. may indicate that it has more massive potential in Facebook packaging.

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