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Hellpoint is dark and difficult Action RPG set in heavily 
atmospheric science-fiction world where the distinction between science and occultism is blurred. 
The Irid Novo Space Station was once a symbol of human achievement. Its remains are now invaded by barbaric interdimensional forces operating as puppets of the wicked Dark Gods. You were formed by the Creator, organically printed on Irid Novo, and sent on a quest to uncover the unholy sequence of events that lead to the tragic incident known as the Merge. Irid Novo is a vast complex universe full of puzzles, mysterious portals and artifacts inside the secret.
Hellpoint (PC)
Hellpoint is a dark and difficult Action RPG set in a deeply atmospheric science-fiction world where the distinction between science and occultism is blurred.
The space station travels in real time through an mysterious black void that triggers various unforeseeable events, such as boss battles, mob attacks, as well as altered enemy stats and positions. When you lose, ask a buddy to press Start to start a couch coop session, or offer remote assistance. The entire game can be completed without interruption ps2 iso.

Dozens of combat and arms and shield pieces to match your play style. Each arm has specific special capabilities that trigger the more you battle with them. A thrilling modern Sci-Fi world, reminiscent of classic Sci-Fi classics, set in the midst of a major quantum cataclysm, with a dark mythology and goosebump inducing soundtrack.also get https://www.theemuparadise.com/

The space station moves in real time through an eerie black hole that causes numerous unpredictable activities such as boss encounters, mob strikes as well as changed enemy stats and locations. When you’re failing, ask a buddy to click Start to enter a couch coop game, or request for remote assistance. The entire game can be finished without interruption

Hellpoint is an extreme RPG gameplay taking place at Irid Novo, a derelict space station saturated in an intoxicating deep sci fi atmosphere. Fight the awful monsters, meet the Dark Gods and undo their sick tale. If the difficulty is too high, play with a buddy in a local or online coop easy get in oceantogames.com.




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