How to find best Aquarium heater?

An aquarium heater is basically a device that is used in the marine aquarium hobby to keep the water of tanks at proper levels of temperature. Most marine and freshwater aquariums are kept at such temperatures ranging from 28-32 degrees Celsius. These temperatures vary according to the type of fish kept in these fish tanks. Here are the Top Aquarium heaters for 2020

The various types of heaters are the following – Glass immersion heater, undergravel heaters, air conditioner, and heaters which have an automatic shut off mechanism. These are generally used for different purposes such as aeration of the aquarium, maintaining the correct temperature level in the aquarium, or to maintain the water quality.

Aquarium heaters are mostly used for the purpose of aeration. They work by heating the water so that it is evenly heated inside the tank. This in turn causes the circulation of air in the tank. These heaters are mostly available in either the electric or gas form.

Heaters which come with an automatic shut off mechanism are highly preferred due to their safety feature. These types of heaters can be manually switched off and on by using an electric motor. Some of them are also fitted with thermostats, which can be programmed to adjust the heat level to different levels. These can be installed either on the floor or mounted on the wall.

Undergravel heaters are also very helpful in temperature control and maintenance of an aquarium. Undergravel heaters are usually used in saltwater aquariums that have live plants attached to the walls or on the ceiling. They are basically water-filled tubes that are placed along the walls or on the ceiling of the aquarium. It is normally located at the base of the aquarium where the air will naturally circulate.

The most commonly used aquarium temperature is the 24-degree temperature. The difference between these temperatures can be adjusted according to the requirement of the tank. For example, if you have a saltwater aquarium then it is preferable to increase the temperature as the water increases in volume.

You should also consider the tank size when choosing an aquarium heater. Most people prefer the heater to have sufficient power to heat up a small room. If the tank is big, you may have to look for a power source which has enough strength.

These heaters can be placed anywhere in the aquarium tank. You can put them in the corners and on the edges of the aquarium. These are generally made of stainless steel, copper, brass, or chrome plated metal.

You can easily choose from the various designs of these heaters. You can select the one that suits your aquarium’s environment and the requirements.

Updated: September 2, 2020 — 9:12 am

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